Parts & Service

Like all tools and equipment, DDIN products sometimes wear down and need repair or maintenance. Fortunately, you have several options to fix your products.


Your product’s model number determines the service outlet that will best be able to meet your needs

Second: Contact your nearest distributor

To order replacement parts or arrange for service. See the full list of DDIN Distributors here.


General DDIN Information

Who Owns DDIN?

Since 1995 DDIN has been owned by Tony Bozell and sold exclusively by Tallman Equipment Company. In recent years DDIN has expanded its distribution network to include several other retailers, including 870 Supply, Condux and more.

Where to buy DDIN

Where can I buy DDIN Products?

DDIN is available at more retailers than ever before. You can find a full range of DDIN products at Tallman Equipment, 870 Supply and more!. 

DDIN Product questions?

Are DDIN Products manufactured in the United States?

DDIN is proud to manufacture products domestically whenever possible, and all products are manufactured in the US with both global and domestic parts. Currently, there are 2 DDIN manufacturing locations in the USA and more are in the works!

Will the DDIN Product Line remain the same?

We understand that DDIN Products are loved the world over by linemen who never compromise quality and want to get the job done right. The lineup of DDIN products is continuously growing and improving. In the last year alone DDIN has introduced the revolutionary Grounded Helicopter Block that has been in development for many years. DDIN is dedicated to launching high-quality, value-oriented tools to the market, so customers should expect to continue to see a growing and innovative range of new products!

Will DDIN Continue to manufacture the best stringing blocks in the industry?

Of course.